Celestial Soy Candle infused with Clear Quartz, Moonstone, and Sunstone


Like the night sky that abounds with twinkling stars glistening with hope, new beginnings, and the realization of possibilities. The dawn brings endless blue skies that fill us with enchantment and horizons ripe with opportunities. The Celestial Skies are full of wonder and cosmic energy that helps us manifest our dreams. We combine the Celestial Oils of Fennel, Lavender, OakMoss, and Cypress to emit the scent of the Cosmos. The candles are adorned with Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Sunstone, Chamomile, and Lavender. Moonstone is the Stone of New Beginnings. It heightens intuition and brings calmness into your world. Chamomile restores harmony and balance. It brings joy to our lives. Reduces stress. It honors the Sun by birthing warmth and hope to people. Lavender brings enchantment to our world. The candles were created on a New Moon which provides Energy for us to move into the future with the Hope of New Beginnings and Manifestations of our Intentions.
Clear Quartz- Works by balancing our “chi”- “prana”, or “universal life force”. It brings clarity and power to you. Amplifies other stone’s power. Clear quartz is a powerful general purpose all-around healing gemstone. It protects and clears negative energy, clears the aura, and has excellent healing properties. It is an Angelic Connector.
Moonstone- Stone of New Beginnings and rebirth. Said to bring inner harmony. As the phases of the moon begin again, the energies of the Moonstone allow the holder to start anew. Balances Yin and Yang. Moonstone helps in attuning to the normal rhythms of the biological forces of one's body and to utilize natural energy cycles. Moonstone cleanses and dispels negativity from all the chakras, and provides supplemental energy and support in balancing the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. A very healing stone. The woman’s stone. Symbolic of the power the Moon holds in our orbit.
Sunstone- Joyful light inspiring stone. Instills good nature. Brings good luck and fortune. Promotes self-empowerment. Anti-depressant. Stimulates self- healing. Clears all the chakras. Very energizing! Gives a warm loving life force vibe like the Sun in our sky.
The candles were blessed with the powerful mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa. It is called the Shushmana Mantra. It contains the eight sounds that stimulate the Kundalini to flow in the spiritual centers of the body. This a universal healing prayer. Ra Ma Da Sa connects you with the pure healing energy of the universe. RA - the fire principle - symbolizes the Sun. MA - the water principle - is the energy of the Moon. MA calls on the cosmos through the sound of compassion. DA - the Earth principle - provides the ground of action. SA - the air principle - is the impersonal infinity. The candles were then bathed in the energy of the New Moon.

6 oz. tin with lid


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