Mother's Love & Light Candle Infused with Rose Quartz, Prehnite, and Moonstone


This perfect gift for Mom was created on a Full Moon in honor of the Mother Goddess. This candle is beaming with divine feminine energy for all of the hard-working Mamas out there! This candle is infused with Lavender (which personifies the comfort of Motherly love), Jasmine (alleviates stress to balance the female system), Grapefruit (cleanses the aura and mental body), and Patchouli (calms the body and the mind). It also contains Lavender and Sage herbs to soothe the mind and banish negative energy.

Inside this candle:

Rose Quartz- A stone of unconditional love. Opens the Heart Chakra. Emits Goddess Energy. Restores love and harmony. Builds self-love. Draws off negative vibes and replaces with loving vibes. Also stimulates fertility for those looking to conceive!

Prehnite- A stone that heals the healer. It heightens the flow of life-force energy in the body.

Moonstone- A Woman's healing stone. It heals and balances hormones and cycles. Stone of new beginnings and rebirth. Said to bring inner harmony. Balances Yin and Yang. Also a great stone that stimulates fertility.

Outside the candle:

Howlite Turtle- The Turtle is the Native American symbol for Mother Earth. It has been said that She is the Immortal Mother who stoically, silently carries the burden of man upon her thick back. This symbol also represents creation, endurance, strength, stability, longevity and innocence.

Comes in an 6 oz tin.


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